Fundamentally Clean Dishes

Dishwasher Detergent

Mineral-Rich Tablets

Dry-locked cleaning power activated with water when you are ready. Biodegradable ingredients.


to Lift Stuck on Food


Key Benefits:

- Fundamentally Clean Dishes

- No Dyes, Fragrances, Chlorine Bleach or Plastic

- Spot-free dishes and glasses without pre-washing


How To

  1. Drop one tablet into your laundry drum, then add clothing
  2. Consider washing with cold water; works well on any temperature setting
  3. Hang to dry to save energy


Sodium carbonate (mineral-based builder), fumaric acid (synthetic pH adjuster), gluconolactone (plant-derived chelating agent), sodium percarbonate (mineral-based oxygen stain removal agent), sodium acetate (synthetic tablet aid), sodium sulfate (mineral-based processing aid), sodium carboxymethyl starch (plant-based tablet disintegrant), ethoxylated alcohol C12-C18 (plant-derived surfactant), potassium decanoate (plant-derived hydrotrope), potassium octanoate (plant-derived hydrotrope), protease (plant-derived enzyme soil remover), amylase (plant-derived enzyme soil remover), lipase (plant-derived enzyme soil remover), mannanase (plant-derived enzyme soil remover). Phosphate free.

H-e: For Standard and HE Machine

Zero Plastic

Leaping Bunny Certified

How to Recycle

EPA Safer Choice Certified